Co-Curricular Activites - Junior School

At St Virgil’s College Junior School a number of co-curricular activities are provided.

These activities are many and varied and promote:

  • Participation, cooperation and enjoyment;
  • The development of skills;
  • Health and wellbeing; and
  • Leadership and sportsmanship.

Excursions & Visiting Performers

Teachers incorporate a wide variety of excursions into their class curriculum. These experiences reinforce what is being learnt in class and often provide interesting, informative, “hands on” experiences for our students. Regular performers also visit the College adding to the comprehensive teaching program already provided.

Chess Club

This activity takes place during lunch time once a week for boys who are interested in learning the game and further developing their skills. The boys who attend participate in a competition that runs throughout the year.


The growth and development of boys into fine young men is enhanced by their involvement in a wide variety of activities. An important part of the co-curricular offerings at St Virgil’s is the provision of an educationally sound sporting programme. Through the activities offered, our students have the opportunity to develop their talents, express their individual personalities and build life-long friendships.

The strong sporting history and fine traditions of the College are built around involvement and a spirit of working together even though not all participants may be as talented as each other. Each boy is recognised for the contribution he can make and respect for individual abilities is emphasised; teamwork and commitment are valued.

St Virgil’s participates in a wide variety of sporting competitions and have opportunities for boys of all ability and interest levels. At all times we stress respect for our fellow players, our opponents and the officials and to have fun!