Luna Lookout

St Virgil’s College is fortunate to have an Astronomer on staff, Dr Paul Dobbie.  When astronomical events occur, the College hold  a Lunar Lookout.  In past years we have had some amazing views of the Moon, Mars, Jupiter (including Jupiter’s moons) and Saturn.  

This year’s main astronomical event is the Red Super Moon’s Eclipse on May 26 2021.  We will also have good views of Jupiter and Saturn during August through to October.  

St Virgil’s College Luna Lookout Astro Activities

To coincide with National Science Week 2021, St Virgil’s College will run three astronomy based activities at their Austins Ferry senior campus.

On the morning of Saturday August 14 members of the College community are invited to partake in a Perseid Meteor watching session. The Perseid shower in one of the richest of the year and can produce some very impressive displays. This event will run on the College’s JPC Oval from 5am to 6.30am. Simply dress warmly and bring something to sit on.

On Thursday August 19, Dr Paul Dobbie, will give a 30 minute talk on ‘The Wonders of the Night Sky’, in the College’s JPC Theatre.  The session will commence at 6.00 pm and will be followed by an observing session, from 6.45pm - 9.30pm, focused on the planets Jupiter and Saturn. The two largest bodies in our Solar System, after the Sun, are at their optimum for study at this time of the year and, weather permitting, some spectacular views through the College’s telescope will be on offer. 

Finally, on Sunday August 22, members of the College community can attend another observing session from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Interested parties will have the opportunity to study and photograph the blue, full moon through the College’s telescope. 

All events will be advertised through the College’s social media and  in The Star newsletter and are open to all members of the College community.