Living in Tasmania

The combination of Tasmania’s unhurried pace of life and endless opportunities to explore the natural habitat and culture provides an elusive work-life balance.

Tasmania is a place of wild and beautiful landscapes, friendly people and a relaxed island lifestyle.

No matter where you explore, whether you spend your time in one place or drive around the island, you will be delighted by what you will find and surprised at how much bigger Tasmania is on the inside.

Tasmania’s national parks cover a diversity of unspoiled habitats and ecosystems with plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.

Around 40% of Tasmania is protected in national parks and reserves. Most of them are stunningly beautiful and within easy reach of Hobart - and all of them are safe to visit. So special are our national parks that a large proportion have been included in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage area in recognition of their unique natural and cultural values.

Whatever your interests, you’ll be sure to find it in ‘Tassie’, whether it is the natural environment, adrenalin-packed activities, events, art, history or enjoying the freshest food direct to your plate.

Culture & Food

You don’t have to travel far to find amazing arts and cultural experiences in Tasmania. 

There is everything from small artist-run spaces to world class museums, cutting edge contemporary art galleries and festivals for almost every possible interest.

This wealth of creativity comes from an active community of artists, designers and performers who are inspired by Tasmania’s natural environment.

If festivals and events pique your interest, Tasmanians loves to get together and celebrate all kinds of creativity, from craft and film making to singing and traditional boat building.

Live music and theatre thrive in the south with everything from a world class symphony orchestra to underground acts and performance art.

Tasmania is also renowned for its artisanal food and drink scene. You will often find yourself eating and drinking at the very place the produce was grown, raised or created. You can find it at farmers markets and in local eateries, from cheap and cheerful pubs to high-end bars and restaurants. You can even stop and buy from roadside stalls. Highlights include freshly shucked oysters and seafood, cheese, fudge, and boutique breweries and distilleries showcasing their wares at cellar doors where you can sample the produce and talk to the maker.

Foodies can learn how to prepare amazing plates at cooking schools, pick fresh produce straight from the source and sample excellent dishes and produce at markets and food festivals.