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Aboriginal Cultural Education

We recognise the importance of the land to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and it has been a deliberate choice to meaningfully engage with our surroundings throughout our reconciliation journey. Accompanied by members of the Tasmanian Aboriginal community we continue to seek ways to bring our learning beyond the walls of a classroom and to share these experiences with staff and students in schools other than just our own.

We offer education for:

  • Aboriginal Students (Cultural Workshops)
  • Aboriginal Perspectives Across the Curriculum (Subject Specific)
  • Bush Kinder and Early Years
  • Staff professional development and familiarisation of offered sessions

Bush Kinder and Early Years

Come and spend time on beautiful muwinina country learning, playing, and exploring all the treasures that muwinina Country will share. 

Through the lens of palawa perspectives Bush Kinder is a powerful way to introduce the young ones to country in a connective and playful way. Bush safety, deep listening and fun coalesce in these sessions where the groundwork to true community allyship, justice and reconciliation is laid down. 

By spending time walking Country, building huts, searching for native foods and animals, and hearing traditional stories of creation these sessions offer much in the ways of normalising and caring for country and ancient palawa culture.

Aboriginal Perspectives Across Curriculum (Subject Specific)

Whether it’s biology, engineering, history, art, sport, or spirituality the holistic nature of palawa culture expands across all realms of our modern school curriculum. 

In spending time with palawa knowledge sharers on Country with a specific subject in focus, deepen your students understanding and broaden their worldview. With many place-based workshops offered across the spectrum of subjects our Aboriginal Perspectives sessions will offer an out of classroom opportunity to engage and enlighten.

Aboriginal Student Cultural Sessions

Offered to palawa and other Aboriginal students our cultural sessions offer up space and time to ensure that significant cultural knowledge is being shared and strengthened between generations. 

From crafting, dance, native foods and medicines and land care, let palawa knowledge sharers introduce key practices to the younger generations following cultural protocols laid down by Ancestors and Elders.

Staff Professional Development

Spending time on Country enables a deeper understanding of palawa perspectives of country, culture and context as told by palawa knowledge sharers. 

Professional Learning for staff can be developed around a range of AITSL Standards and help enrich planning for ACARA Cross-curricular Priorities and General Capabilities.