Junior School Sports

At St Virgil’s College, the Junior School provides a well organised and varied sporting programme. In addition to swimming, cross country and athletics, we also offer a number of team sports including football, soccer, futsal, hockey, basketball, water polo, flippa ball, touch football, tennis and badminton.

Boys are expected to participate in at least one team event each year. 

The growth and development of boys into fine young men is enhanced by their involvement in a wide variety of activities. An important part of the co-curricular offerings at St Virgil’s is the provision of an educationally sound sporting programme. Through the activities offered, our students have the opportunity to develop their talents, express their individual personalities and build life-long friendships.

The strong sporting history and fine traditions of the College are built around involvement and a spirit of working together even though not all participants may be as talented as each other. Each boy is recognised for the contribution he can make and respect for individual abilities is emphasised; teamwork and commitment are valued.

St Virgil’s participates in a wide variety of sporting competitions and have opportunities for boys of all ability and interest levels. At all times we stress respect for our fellow players, our opponents and the officials and to have fun! 

Sport Registration

Registrations will open at the end of each term in preparation for the start of the following term. Parents will be sent notification to register via an EdSmart email which contains information about the sports on offer and a link to an online registration form.

Please note that in line with EREA and CET, for 2022 each sport will be offered subject to COVID-19 guidelines at the time. 


Please note that each team entered into a draw requires a Volunteer Coach or Manager, who is generally a parent or carer of a child in the team. It is a requirement for this person to have a current Working with Vulnerable People Card (WWVP). Details about the process to obtain a WWVP card are available here.


Parent/Carer permission is required to register for Junior School Sport and is sought through every registration.


Parents/Carers are responsible for organising transport to and from the sporting venue, as well as supervision of their own children at each venue, subject to COVID Guidelines at the venue.


Students are to wear their full sports uniform when representing SVC at sport, unless otherwise stated. Students are able to attend the school day in their sports uniform on days they have SVC Sport. 

2022 Term Dates

Generally most sports are played over one school term. Term dates can be found here.



Any enquiries relating to sport at the Junior School can be directed to the Health and Physical Education and Sports Coordinator, Karryn McCullagh.