Buses & Transport

Senior School (Austins Ferry)
Traffic Management 

Cars may only enter via the southern gate (marked by large illuminated sign) from 8.30 am - 9.00 am. Traffic flow is one way with drop off of students occurring adjacent to the basketball courts. Cars must exit the northern (Main Oval) gate. 

Cars may only enter the northern gate from 3.00 pm - 3.30 pm and must give way to buses. Exit is via the southern gate only. 

Bus Routes


Students living in Blackmans Bay and Kingston and travelling to St Virgil's College in the morning should refer to the link below from Metro who provide the service, www.metrotas.com.au/schools/st-virgils-college.

Operated by Calow's Coaches (formerly Cresswell Coaches)

Contact Calow's Coaches for full information on 0491 341 818.


Departing Dysart at 7.30 am. 

Departing Heritage Highway Road House, Bagdad at 7.30 am.

Departing Middle Tea Tree Road, Tea Tree at 7.30 am.

The three buses meet for interchange in Jubilee Avenue, Brighton. Departing Brighton at 7.50 am.

There are several options


Metro Route 219 leaves stop F at 8.02 am.

Metro Route 550 leaves 7.38 am. Travels via Lenah Valley (see Lenah Valley route) and Glenorchy, continues on as 213.

Metro Route 500/501/502 travels via Elizabeth Street, Main Road and Glenorchy. Transfers to 213 (8.19 am) or 217 (8.14 am) at Glenorchy Bus Mall.

Metro Route 540 provides students travelling from Mt Stuart or West Hobart to St Virgil's College in the morning should. Catch the Route 540 to the City departing Salier Crescent at 7.15 am, and transfer to the Route X20 departing City / Elizabeth St Stop F at 7.52 am, arrive Main Rd Stop 43 opposite St Virgil's approx. 8.25 am. OR the Route 219AM St Virgil's school bus departing Elizabeth St Stop F at 8.02 am, arrive St Virgil's 8.29 am. Please refer to Metro's Mt Stuart and West Hobart timetable for more detailed information.


City metro contract route 234 for Brooker Highway drop offs.

Metro Route 228 to Lenah Valley via Main Road, then to City via Kalang Avenue, Girrabong Road, Augusta Road, Elizabeth Street.

Those going directly to the City should catch Metro 232 or City Metro Contract Bus to arrive in the City by 4.00 pm

Metro Bus No 361 (am)/362 (PM)

Morning Departure 361: 07.00 am

Suburbs: Lauderdale, Roches Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Acton Park, Cambridge, Lindisfarne and Geilston Bay to St Virgils College

Streets Travelled: South Terrace, North Terrace, Bangalee St, Roches Beach Rd, Acton Rd, Axiom Way, Seven Mile Beach Rd, Estate Dr (NOT via Seven Mile Beach township), Acton Rd, Cambridge Rd, Cambridge Village, Cambridge Rd to Mornington Roundabout, then Tasman Hwy, East Derwent Hwy, Bowen Bridge, Goodwood Rd, Brooker Hwy, Claremont Link Rd, Main Rd to St Virgil's College.

Afternoon Departure 362: 3.24 pm

Suburbs: St Virgils (School Grounds) to Lauderdale via Geilston Bay, Lindisfarne, Cambridge, Acton Park, Seven Mile Beach and Roches Beach.

Streets Travelled: Reverse of morning service.


Former route 27 is now Route 550 from the city to Glenorchy. Students will change at Glenorchy for route 213 service to St Virgil's.

The route 213AM school bus from Glenorchy to St Virgil’s that was originally scheduled to depart from Glenorchy D will instead depart from Glenorchy E. Departure time of 8.10 am is unchanged.

The Route 217AM school bus from Glenorchy to St Virgil’s that was originally scheduled to depart from Glenorchy D will instead depart from Glenorchy E. Departure time of 8.14 am is unchanged.


Reverse route to above on Route 228.

Operated by O’Driscoll Coaches

Departs corner of Britten Street and Benjamin Terrace. Britten Street, Benjamin Terrace, Back River Road, Southview Crescent, First Avenue, Derwent Terrace, Third Avenue, Boyer Road, Blair Street, Richmond Street, Circle Street, High Street, Stephen Street, Pioneer Avenue, Lyell Highway, Main Road to Austins Ferry.


Metro Bus Route 605 & 614 Students in Tranmere wishing to travel to these schools in the morning should:
- Catch the Route 614 (City via The Bluff) service departing Tranmere at 7.17 am and arriving at Howrah-Shoreline at 7.28 am, and:
- To the Route 605 (Glenorchy via Tasman Bridge & New Town) departing Howrah-Shoreline at 7.31 am. This bus continues from Glenorchy to St Virgil's as school bus Route 217AM.

** Route 605 waits at Shoreline for transferring students from Route 614.


Metro Bus No 238 leaving St Virgil’s at 3.23 pm. Bus arrives at Shoreline at 4.15 pm. Students will then catch 615 at 4.34 pm for Tranmere.
* Metro will monitor this transfer and assist with transfers.

Details for all St Virgil’s College Metro Bus Routes are also available at the Metro Tasmania website.

Bus Service Contacts

  • Metro - Phone 6233 4232 Newtown, Glenorchy, Old Beach, Eastlands, Lindisfarne, Shoreline, Howrah, Lauderdale, Opossum Bay, Kingston, Blackmans Bay
  • O'Driscoll's - Phone 6261 4653 New Norfolk (several stops)
  • Redline - Phone 6214 7300 Sorell and Dodges Ferry
  • Robert's Coaches - Phone 6264 1174 Kingston, Huonville, Grove, Vince's Saddle, Cygnet
  • Calow's Coaches - Phone 0491 341 818 Brighton
  • Tassielink Transit  - Phone 6230 8900 Richmond

Code of Conduct

All students and parents sign our bus agreement, Buses & Transport Code of Conduct.

If you have consulted the bus roster and Metro route guide and still have queries, please email Mr Daniel Lapolla.