Buses & Transport

A number of bus companies provide dedicated school buses to and from school to most areas. These buses arrive and depart from Harrington Street, just in front of St Mary's College. The majority of students that need to catch buses are well catered for.

Buses that travel as far as New Norfolk and Brighton, Sorrell and Dodges Ferry, Taroona, Kingston and Blackman’s Bay.

Metro also provides a bus service to the Hobart Bus Mall each afternoon.

Bus Services Currently Available


Phone: 6233 4232
New Town, Glenorchy, Old Beach, Eastlands, Lindisfarne, Shoreline, Howrah, Lauderdale, Opossum Bay, Kingston, Blackmans Bay


Phone: New Norfolk (several stops)

6261 4653


Phone: 6214 7300
Sorell and Dodges Ferry

Robert's Coaches

Phone: 6264 1174
Kingston, Huonville, Grove, Vince's Saddle, Cygnet

Calow's Coaches (formerly Creswell Coaches)

Phone: 0491 341 818
Brighton, Tea Tree, Bagdad, Dysart

Tassielink Transit

Phone: 6230 8900

Code of Conduct

All students and parents are required to sign our bus agreement agreeing to the Bus & Transport Code of Conduct.

If you have consulted the bus roster and Metro route guide and still have queries, please email Daniel Lapolla.