Junior School (Year 3-6)

St Virgil’s College Junior School is an all boys Catholic primary school catering for boys in Kindergarten and Year 3 to 6. The Junior School sits in a central city campus next to the magnificent St Mary’s Cathedral. Prep will commence in 2022, followed by Year 1 in 2023 and Year 2 in 2024 completing the College's Kindergarten - Year 6 learning pathway at the Patrick Street campus. 

Our curriculum is comprehensive, interesting and challenging and encourages boys to strive for personal excellence in all endeavours. Our dedicated teaching staff focus on providing an engaging, challenging and supportive learning environment that is tailored to the needs of boys. Our staff implicitly understand that boys have different learning needs and styles and provide opportunities for boys to grow and experience success.

Specialist teachers provide lessons in Art, Physical Education, Japanese, Music, Library and Woodwork.

Learning Enhancement

Learning Enhancement is available for those students who after a series of assessments are found to be experiencing difficulties accessing the curriculum at their age level and require extra support, or are achieving at a high level and require extension and enrichment activities. A number of successful programmes are used to assist boys with their spelling, maths and reading development.

The College Also Provides:

  • a well organised and varied sporting programme. In addition to swimming, cross country and athletics, we also offer a number of team sports including football, soccer, futsal, hockey, basketball, water polo, flippa ball, touch football, tennis and badminton. Boys are expected to participate in at least one team event each year.
  • a comprehensive music programme where the students not only have their weekly class music lesson, but also the opportunity to sing in our choir, learn a musical instrument and also join our Junior School Band.
  • a camp experience for all students from Year 3.
  • extension experiences in woodwork, geography, leadership and drama.
  • a safe environment where students and their families are very welcome and valued. If you wish to find out more about the College's Junior School or would like to arrange a tour please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Our Teaching Staff

  • Early Learning Years Director - Mrs Sandra Mazengarb
  • Year 3 - Miss Emma Reardon
  • Year 4 - Mrs Mary Weston and Mr Peter Rasmussen
  • Year 5 - Mr Brent Scanlon and Mr Thomas Beard 
  • Year 6 - Ms Amelia Daun and Ms Mikayla Lack
  • Learning Enhancement Support Teachers - Mrs Julene Bennell and Mrs Rebecca Copeland
  • Counsellors - Ms Kelsey Odgers  and Mrs Lucinda Gear 
  • Music - Mrs Jo-Anne Kemp and Mrs Jillian Norton
  • PE – Mrs Karryn McCullagh
  • Japanese – Mrs Susie Allan 
  • Art – Mrs Janet Stary
  • Library – Mrs Janet Stary
  • Resource Centre Coordinator - Mrs Jenni Sutton
  • Learning Enhancement Coordinator - Mrs Josephine Messer
  • Religious Education Coordinator – Mrs Fiona Chambers
  • Heads of Junior School – Mrs Fiona Chambers and Mrs Jo Messer

Non Teaching Staff

Our College Relies Upon Volunteers

Please join us in supporting the students of St Virgil's College. Research highlights that successful educational outcomes for boys are achieved where there is a strong connection and working relationship between home and school. Volunteering is a great way to foster the home-school partnership. Can you volunteer to help? 

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Campus & Facilities

View our Junior School campus and facilities below.