Procedures & Forms

Student Expectations 

At St Virgil's we have expectations for our young men. These are developed in consultation with students are are designed to maintain student safety and wellbeing, promote an inclusive and nurturing learning environment, whilst honouring the standards and traditions handed down by generations of Virgilians. 

  • Students shall comply with any expectations the College may make in respect of dress, general appearance, behaviour and participation in the College’s program of activities.
  • Students are not permitted to leave the College grounds during the day without the permission of the Principal or Deputy Principal. A written request is normally required for this purpose.
  • It is the policy of the College that smoking, or the consumption of alcoholic drinks, or the possession or use of illegal drugs, is forbidden at school, in the school uniform, or at any function associated with the College.
  • If a boy is absent from school a parent/guardian is asked to phone the office on 6249 6555 by 9.00am and a written explanation from a parent/guardian is required upon his return. This explanation should be recorded in the diary and handed to the Class Teacher.
  • All students are required to attend Religious Education classes and to participate, at their own level of faith commitment, in worship and liturgy.
  • School bus travellers are expected to be courteous, co-operative and appreciative of the service offered. They must abide by the terms of the School Bus Contract.
  • It is suggested that parents ensure that their own insurance policy provides adequate cover for the loss of or damage to clothes, effects etc. of students.
  • The appropriate uniform is to be worn on all occasions.
  • Appropriate detentions will be given for serious misbehaviour. Students will be expected to attend such detentions out of school hours and as specified.
  • Parents and students are reminded that non-essential electronic equipment (such as I-Pods and MP3 Players), mobile phones and other expensive items should not be brought to the College.
  • If such items are seen or heard by members of staff, the items will be confiscated. We understand that some students may need to have a mobile phone in their possession, at times, for family matters, but it is to be turned off during school hours or whilst the student is on campus. The College cannot take any responsibility for the loss or damage of such items.

These regulations are subject to alteration from time to time to ensure the better running of the College. Any such alteration shall be notified in writing to parents.

Sport Policy

The community of St Virgil’s College values participation in sport because it reinforces the mission of the College and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

As sportsmen, our students develop personal skills, cultivate sound friendships and foster a feeling of school spirit. At the same time, they learn what it means to play as a team, to practise self-discipline, to cope with winning and losing, to enjoy the benefits of play, and to develop healthy self-esteem.

  • The College will offer a broad sports program within the limitations of its resources.
  • The sport program will be managed by a teacher qualified and experienced in this area.
  • Students will be required to comply with any expectations the College may make with regard to dress, demeanour, participation and payment of sports levies, or with the expectations of any other club or association with which the College is affiliated.
  • Staff will take an active role in coordinating any sporting activities undertaken at the College.
  • Under normal circumstances students will participate in teams appropriate to their year level or age group. Exemptions may be granted by the Principal or Head of Junior School in individual cases
  • A student or group of students may only represent SVC with the permission of the Principal.
  • Supporters and Team Officials will be required to uphold the values espoused by the College and the Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools (SATIS) Code of Conduct at all times.

Academic Honesty 

Virgilians are expected to have a high standard of academic honesty.

Being academically honest includes:

  • not cheating
  • not plagiarising

Cheating is both about gaining an unfair advantage over other students and not giving yourself a ‘fair go’.

You cheat if you:

  • gain results from collaborative work if you did not do your fair share;
  • submit one piece of work for two or more subjects without permission of all involved teachers;
  • help someone else gain an unfair advantage;
  • have someone else do the work for you;
  • do not follow standard rules for tests and exams;
  • alter recorded results.

Plagiarising is stealing and using other people’s work and claiming it as your own. This includes words, images, music, sound, movies, ideas and any internet material without clearly referencing them.

You plagiarise if you:

  • steal an entire piece of work and present it as your own;
  • steal sections from a piece of work without referencing;
  • paraphrase from a piece of work without referencing;
  • Change a few words or images and then submit it as your own work.

You avoid plagiarism if you follow the St Virgil’s referencing policy. You will reduce the risk of plagiarism if you:

  • understand the rules – what you can and cannot do;
  • ask for help if unsure;
  • allow sufficient time to complete tasks;
  • keep a file with all research notes, drafts and a copy of the final product;
  • do not be lazy in your work habits;
  • follow the St Virgil’s referencing policy.

EREA Code of Conduct