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St Virgil’s College Uniform Shop will close for the school holidays on Thursday July 1 at 4.00 pm.

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Uniform Expectations

The students of St Virgil’s College wear a distinctive uniform as a sign of their membership of and loyalty to the College Community. The uniform is an important part of our public image as well as being serviceable and practical clothing for school wear.

The uniform is compulsory, and should be worn neatly and with pride. Representative sporting teams also wear uniforms appropriate to their particular sports.


  • The uniform is compulsory and should be worn neatly and with pride.
  • Representative teams wear uniforms appropriate to their particular sports.
  • Uniform items will derive their colour scheme from the Royal Blue, Green and Gold of the College colours.
  • Additions or modifications to the uniform or changes in the way it is worn are the domain of the Principal.
  • The Management Committee of the Clothing Store will make recommendations regarding changes to style or fabric.
  • Cost, style, quality, availability and compliance with the Sunsmart Policy will be taken into account when setting uniform requirements.
  • The regulations regarding the wearing of uniform apply when travelling to or from school or school functions as well as while at school.


Term 1 and Term 4

Formal Uniform:

Blazer, Blue shirt, Centenary tie, long grey trousers (with black socks) or grey shorts (with SVC walk socks), black leather lace-up shoes and SVC cap (primary only).

Jumper (optional throughout the year).

Sports Uniform:

Blue polo shirt, Spray Jacket, House t-shirt, track pants or shorts, mainly white sports socks, mainly white sports shoes, and SVC cap.

The College bucket hat or cap:

Must be worn at all times during outdoor activities during Term 1 and 4.


Term 2 and 3

Formal Uniform:Blazer, Blue shirt, Centenary tie, long grey trousers (with black socks or dark grey SVC walk socks), black leather lace up shoes.

Jumper and Cap

Sports Uniform:SVC Spray jacket, blue SVC polo shirt, track pants, mainly white sports socks, mainly white sports shoes.

SVC beanie (optional)

The Sports Uniform

The sports uniform may be worn on a day when a student has Physical Education classes, House lunchtime sport, trains for a College sports team or competes for the College immediately after school.


  • Student hair is to be neat, clean and generally conform to community standards.
  • There should be no dramatic grading in length, or undercutting.
  • It is also unacceptable to have their hair cut with a number one blade.
  • Hair should be no longer than collar length, and should not obstruct vision in any way.
  • Tinting and bleaching are not permitted.

Student should consult their Head of House if they require further advice on this matter. The ultimate acceptability of styles is determined by the Principal.

School Bags

The only acceptable school bag is either the SVC carry bag or SVC backpack. Bags should be sticker-free.

Other items

  • Sunglasses appropriate to the uniform may be worn outdoors.
  • Woollen gloves (plain blue or grey) may be worn in Term Two and Three

Unacceptable Items

The following items and styles are not acceptable at St Virgil’s College:

  • Desert boots, suede shoes and boots.
  • Earrings, studs, jewellery.
  • Caps or hats other than the approved SVC cap or hat.
  • Any jackets other than those listed in the optional uniform section.
  • Any T-shirts or tops worn under regulation items which are visible in any way

Special Circumstances

  • When the afternoon temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, the Deputy Principal may allow students the option of travelling home without wearing their blazers.
  • Beanies may be worn with the tracksuit only in Term 2 and 3. Beanies may not be worn in Term 4.
  • The spray jacket may be worn with the formal uniform during cold and/or wet weather.


If circumstances warrant an exceptional to the Uniform Code, a signed letter of explanation is to be sent by the parent/guardian to the student's Pastoral Care Group Teacher. This letter should include a reason for the exception and an indication as to the time frame for rectifying it.

Uniform Policy