NAIDOC Week: Fun-Filled Day for Aboriginal Students

By Cohen Macey, Year 9 

On Thursday 6 July, Aboriginal boys represented St Virgil's in the annual Karadi Touch Football Competition accompanied by staff member, Senior Coach and former NSW Representative, Mr David Sanderson. 

The students were keen to retain the championship they took last year in a combined effort with St James Catholic College against Cosgrove High School.

The team enjoyed a fun-filled day with traditional Aboriginal dances, visits from former NRL players, laser tag, sumo wrestling, silent disco, treasure hunt, sausage sizzle and many non-profit organisations to share in celebrating their Aboriginal culture. Karadi went all out - improving every aspect on last year and making the day even more enjoyable.

Team Coach David Sanderson said, “I believe this is a really strong opportunity for Aboriginal students to come together and participate in a sport that is played not just in Tasmania, or Australia, but around the world.” 

With a coach like Mr Sanderson and the talent that St Virgil's College has, the team did exceptionally well and not only displayed all of the College values including integrity, leadership, determination, but also demonstrated fair play throughout the course of the tournament.

The tournament started off as a round robin to gain points before the finals. The game consists of two 10-minute halves where the teams battled it out. A quick finals series saw each qualified team battle it out again for a spot in the final. Team sVc won the tournament 6-3 with Viktor Gordon receiving 'Player of the Final' and 'Deadliest Highlight'.

About Touch Football

Touch football is a modified version of rugby where instead of tackling the opposition you 'touch' or 'tag' them. The aim of the game is to move the ball forward to the other team's try line to score a point. Each team has six tags per possession before a turnover. Prior to a tag the ball is placed down where the player was tagged then a 'dummy half' steps over the ball. A team member picks up the ball and passes it. All passes must go backwards and if a player touches the ball and it goes forward its a knock-on and a turnover.

College Edit

Congratulations to article author Cohen Macey who was awarded the 'Deadliest Team Player' of the tournament.