Reconciliation Action Plan

In partnering with Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali online platform we have been able to provide practical ways to introduce meaningful reconciliation initiatives in classrooms, around the school and throughout our entire College community. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) reflects our identity and aspirations in making reconciliation at St Virgil’s College a living, authentic and powerful means of achieving justice and peace in our collective future. 

Reviewed and updated every year, our RAP is an ongoing record of our Actions, Goals and Deliverables in our Classrooms, School and Community and describes the Relationships, Respect and Opportunities we endeavour to strengthen and share as we walk hand in hand on a journey with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples towards a truly just and reconciled Australia.

Reconciliation Action Plan Overview

Our 2021-2024 Reconciliation Action Plan Overview provides a strategic summary of some of our achievements, goals and aspirations in reconciliation and begins by acknowledging the First People’s and traditional custodians of the land both campuses of our College sit upon, the Land of the muwinina People.
Our Principal’s Statement places reconciliation deep in the heart of the identity of our College and recognises the need for truth-telling and Aboriginal voice in all our endeavours. Our Path to Reconciliation highlights key moments of our early work in reconciliation, some of our ongoing actions and several of our future aspirations. Finally, the creative artwork of some of our Aboriginal students and the tireless contribution of our Working Group are recognised in the closing pages. 

Photo courtesy of Jamie Graham-Blair.