tunapri makuminya Project

The tunapri makuminya Project was created by young trawlwoolway and plengarmairenner palawa scientist Jamie Graham-Blair throughout the challenging and unpredictable year that was 2020. Initially Jamie was commissioned by the College to create a biocultural survey of the Austins Ferry campus, one in which we hoped to identify every plant species on the campus which was of cultural significance to Tasmanian Aboriginal people. However, the final project was much larger and came to include conservation and regeneration suggestions and proposals to grow palawa community engagement, cultural practice and knowledge reclamation and sharing opportunities within the surrounding muwinina landscape.

The overview of the tunapri makuminya Project places the work in context with the ancient and recent history of this Land and the stories and experiences of the people who cared for and are still caring for it.

Photos courtesy of Jamie Graham-Blair.