Rowing Regattas

A great deal of effort is required from our Rowing community (staff, coaches, rowers, parents/carers) for Regattas to be successful. From administration, boat loading and unloading, towing boats to events, getting boats ready to race (rigging/derigging boats, sorting bow numbers, height checks and shoes) to ensuring all rowers get on and off the water in a timely manner. For parents/carers please ask your child's respective coach/es or Director of Rowing how you can help.  

Rowers are to make their own way to all Regattas and to arrange their own accommodation when required. Racing starts early in the morning, with ALL rowers required to arrive at the venue at the time directed by the Director of Rowing, this will be announced on Rowing Teams App prior to the event. Pre and post racing, students are in the care of their parents/carers and not the Colleges.

Leaving School For Regattas 

All students are required to attend school on the Friday before a weekend regatta, up to the conclusion of Period 4. From the start of lunch break, it is left to discretion of the parent/carer as to whether students leave early to commence the trip to Lake Barrington. Leaving before this time to secure a camping spot is not considered a valid reason for students to leave school early. 

All students leaving early must notify Student Services and contact relevant teachers to find out what work they will need to complete or make up. 

Exceptions to this policy may only be granted with one week advance notice and with written approval from the Director of Sport, following recommendation from the Director of Rowing.

Should the College have whole school events scheduled for the Friday, all students will be required to be in attendance at these events.

Duty of Care 

Rowing Regattas are not school-supervised events. The Director of Rowing and Rowing Coaches are responsible for organising and running the rowing program at school Regattas. While on the water, rowers will be under the supervision and care of Rowing Tasmania officials. During team meetings and prior to races, rowers will be supervised by coaches. In between races and before and after the Regatta, parents/carers are responsible for the supervision and duty of care of their child. The Director of Rowing will be available to assist with any issues that may arise. A St John's Ambulance will always be onsite at every Regatta.

Regatta Venues 

The Lake Barrington International Rowing Course (LBIRC) is a world class rowing course located in northern Tasmania around 15 minutes drive from the township of Sheffield in the north west. Entrance to the course is off ‘Staverton Road’ (just after the Tazmazia tourist venue). The drive to Lake Barrington from Hobart takes approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. 

Directions: Travel to Sheffield either through Railton or Kimberley, the route is well signposted. When you get to Sheffield, travel straight through the Town Centre. After 1km turn left at the intersection. The road takes you through West Kentish and Roland (approximately 12km). You will drive along Staverton Road, then turn right and down towards LBIRC. The road into LBIRC is windy and steep. 

Camping / Accommodation 

The LBIRC is well equipped for campers, with toilets,  coin operated showers and a canteen. There is no power and no cooking facilities, other than one small barbecue. No fires are allowed and there is no potable water on site. Camping provides a friendly environment for both parents/carers and rowers to socialise with people from their own and other schools. Camping is permitted on Friday and Saturday nights for rowing families during all school and club regattas. Head of the River is a one day event and only permits Friday night camping. 


There are many places to stay in the Lake Barrington area. Accommodation will need to be booked well in advance as the best spots tend to be booked out early. 

Lake Barrington Kiosk

Opens from 7.00 am - 5.00 pm each day with coffee, hot drinks, snacks and breakfast/lunch options. Schools take turns to staff the kiosk with parent volunteers.


A Regatta at LBIRC can see up to four to five thousand people attend. There are limited seats, so spectators are advised to bring their own chair. You can view races from anywhere along the lake; but most tend to gather at the finish line when watching races. Parents/carers are encouraged to keep a healthy distance from the boat park where rowers are preparing, unless helping with a particular task.