Rowing Safety

On the Water

Rowing is an outdoor water sport. Safety standards must be kept at all times. Training must be conducted in accordance with the navigation rules imposed by MAST (Marine and Safety Tasmania). 

  • All Rowers must be able to swim 50 meters
  • All students in a motor boat must wear a life jacket
  • Only licensed drives are permitted to drive a motor boat
  • Rowers are to be supervised at all times

Duty of Care at Regattas

Rowing regattas are not school-supervised events. The Director of Rowing and Rowing Coaches are responsible for organising and running the rowing program at school regattas. While on the water, rowers will be under the supervision and care of Rowing Tasmania officials. During team meetings and prior to races, rowers will be supervised by coaches. In between races and before and after the regatta parents/carers are responsible for the supervision and duty of care of their child. The Director of Rowing will be available to assist with any issues that may arise. A St John's Ambulance will always be onsite at every regatta.