Music Tuition Sign-up Kinder - Year 2

Piano Tuition

Piano is currently being offered for Kindergarten - Year 2 students with more instruments being offered from Year 3.

General Information

Tuition Fees

$38.00 for 30-minute private lesson. The cost of tuition is billed per term at the end of each term based on the number of lessons your son has attended. Students wishing to participate in lessons must complete the Instrumental Music Payment Form (found below) and return it to the College’s Business Office. Please note that lessons cannot commence until the form has been received. Lesson times will be scheduled outside of school hours or rotate to minimise disruption to timetabled classes. Notification of amount due will be communicated via email prior to the payment date as per the Payment Form. It is the responsibility of the student or parent to advise tutors or the Director of Music in advance if a lesson will be missed due to illness or a school activity. There will be two weeks at the end of each term when makeup lessons may occur.

Piano Music Term Payment

Students wishing to participate in instrumental music lessons must complete the attached form - Instrumental Music Payment Form 2024. Please note lessons cannot proceed until the online registration form has been received by the Business Office.

Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

St Virgil’s College administers a specialised Co-Curricular Music Program which provides tuition in music in areas outside the regular school curriculum. The Program is made available across both Junior and Senior campuses and is predominantly administered during school hours on site, for the convenience of families.

The Co-Curricular Music Program is designed to form part of a holistic education for your son. This can be seen in at least three ways:

  • Through achieving new skills and the positive impact this can have upon boys;
  • Through being involved in arts activities together with other students and the positive social interaction this involves; and
  • Through commencing a worthwhile recreational activity at the College which can add enjoyment to life or lead to tertiary studies in music.

For further information regarding the instrumental music program, please contact the Director of Music Ms Gabrielle Ball.


Thirty-minute lessons are timetabled on a rotating basis each fortnight so that students will not miss the same class each lesson.

There will be 16 lessons in each semester (two terms).

If lessons must be terminated, four weeks written notice at the end of a term must be given, or the equivalent amount will be invoiced.

Missed Lessons

It is the responsibility of the student or parent to advise the tutor of Director of Music directly in advance if a lesson will be missed due to illness, or other school activity. There will be two weeks at the end of each semester when make-up lessons may occur for this.

Without notification, missing a lesson will not be made up, and parents will be notified of the missed lesson from the tutor. Students need to either contact the Director of Music or Tutor before 8.00 am on the day that the lesson is due.